People often assume if they’re hurt by someone else, that person’s insurance will pay for the damage they caused.

Here’s a frustrating fact: insurance companies treat people as adversaries, paying as little as possible – and nothing when they can get away with it. Insurance companies train adjusters to believe more than one-half of all claims are fraudulent.

So, when you have a claim, the first thing you have to overcome is the adjuster’s bias that you’re full of it. 

Even when you show the adjuster you have a legitimate claim, the insurance company will fight to pay you as little as possible – hoping the risk of trial scares you away.

Insurance companies only pay claims because of the risk the insurance company faces if you go to trial. No risk of trial means no payment. Don’t believe us? Ask someone what happens when a claim is past the statute of limitations – the insurance company pays nothing because there’s no risk of trial.

Insurance companies don’t net billions of dollars annually by paying the full value of legitimate claims – they do this by bullying people into taking as little as possible. 

When you have a personal injury, wrongful death or malpractice claim, you should focus on healing – not on battling the insurance company.

Insurance companies know which lawyers go to trial and which ones just settle everything. As trial lawyers, our job is to start with the end in mind – how do we best tell the jury your story and help you recover? From the beginning of your case, we maximize the insurance company’s risk of trial.

By Amanda Francis & Shawn Owen

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